Commuter Kate: 12 Benefits Of Using Public Transit That You Probably Hadn’t Thought Of

Published: September 22, 2018

You may think that how you get to work doesn’t really impact your life, career or future prospects much, if at all. All actions have consequence though, and in life we make certain choices without thinking them through fully. Below, I’ve outlined some benefits of using public transit that you may not have fully thought all the way through.

1. No lining up for hours at the DMV.

You don’t need to spend multiple hours renewing your driver’s license or car taxes anymore.

2. Don’t fight with your friends.

No need for a designated driver, which means everyone can have a good time.

3. Become smarter, or at least better informed.

You can concentrate on a good book, or start an online course as you don’t need to focus on the road. Or even where to get off the bus if you use Moovit’s Get Off Alerts.

4. Save money.

Car repair - Moovit - Commuter Kate - Public Transit benefits

No more car payments, insurance, gas, and repairs to think about.

5. Be more social.

Use your commute time to call or text friends and family, but remember not to speak too loudly and bother other riders (check out my tips on proper transit etiquette)

6. Have peace of mind after you party.

One of the benefits of riding transit is that someone else is doing the driving while you nurse a hangover.

7. Blame someone else for being late.

Use excuses like “The bus was late” instead of admitting you slept in.

8. Feel good about yourself.

You are doing your bit for the environment. Did you know that according to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), commuting to work by subway emits 73% less CO2 emissions than commuting by car.

9. Get a new hobby.

Knitting - Moovit - Commuter Kate - Public Transit benefits

Did I hear someone say adult coloring books? Maybe that trend is over, but reading, knitting, crosswords and sudoku are all timeless hobbies which you could never do while driving a car.

10. Have more interesting stories.

You don’t see many other people when you are driving alone in your car. Public transit allows you to see a huge spectrum of interesting people, doing interesting things, which you can talk about with friends and co-workers.

11. Make a new friend.

Love on transit - Moovit - Commuter Kate - Public Transit benefits

Similar to reason 10, you won’t meet your new BFF or the love of your life if you’re sitting alone in your car. See someone confused about what train to catch? Strike up a conversation by introducing them to Moovit.

12. Impress your boss,

Be better prepared for your meeting, because you have time to do some last-minute research and preparation during your commute.

Let me know if you think of any more by tweeting @Commuter_Kate or commenting on my Medium page.

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