Commuter Kate: Celebrities Are Just Like Us (When They Ride Public Transit)

Published: August 10, 2018

The recent announcement of Canadian funny-man Seth Rogen becoming the voice of public transit in Vancouver and Toronto made me chuckle. The actor will provide humorous transit announcements and offer passengers tips on how to behave on Translink’s transportation. (Click here to read my own tips for proper public transit etiquette.) No doubt, Seth’s announcements will add a smile to Canadians’ morning commute.

This news got me excited to know about more influential people who are supporting public transit.

You may be surprised by just how many celebrities choose public transit to get to their photoshoot, film set or concert. While you would assume a private car would be their preferred method of transport, one of the many benefits of riding the bus or train is that you can skip the gridlock traffic, making it faster to get to your destination. Time is money, especially for celebrities, so it makes sense that they’d want to have the most efficient route. Plus, it must give them a buzz to do a “normal” thing like ride public transit, and even sign a few autographs.

Here are some of the best celebrity sightings I’ve found:

Sir Paul McCartney, traveling low key on the train…

Paul McCartney - Celebrities Using Public Transit

…While Mariah Carey’s commuter-wear is not something you might expect on the subway on your morning ride to the office.

Mariah Carey - Celebrities Using Public Transit

Speaking of pop princesses, Rhianna catches the Tube to her own concert just like her fans would do…

Rhianna - Celebrities Using Public Transit

Chris Martin and Jay-Z have the same idea, but seem to be having their pre-show party on the Tube itself!

Jay-Z and Chris Martin - Celebrities Using Public Transit

Jake Gyllenhaal is cool as always, not at all phased by the passenger napping next to him.

Jake GyllenHaal - Celebrities Using Public Transit

And Owen Wilson is an upstanding citizen, making sure to pay his full fare before boarding the train.

Owen Wilson - Celebrities Using Public Transit

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