Commuter Kate: What to watch on your commute

Published: September 28, 2018

We normally associate binge watching TV shows to the evening or weekends, on our couch, but who says you can’t use your commute to catch up on the latest shows?

Every month streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video release new series and films that make your commute by public transit feel faster, and gives you more time in the evening to catch up with friends and family.

Here are my recommendations for finding interesting content for your journey to and from work:

Netflix — Here is a great list of new shows coming to Netflix in October. (As a side point, if you are bored of hearing the phrase “Netflix & Chill” here are some great alternatives).
HuluHere are the latest spooky shows from Hulu on Halloween month.
HBO — I’m patiently waiting for season 2 of Big Little Lies, but until then, there are always these movies and shows to watch, including The Theory of Everything — fun fact: I used to live next door to Prof. Stephen Hawking when I lived in Cambridge, UK!
TED Talks — Who said watching too much TV makes you stupid? Learn something new or be inspired by these TED Talks.
YouTube — Check out the videos that are trending here. Some are funny, some serious, and some annoying (Baby Shark anyone? Yes, that’s right almost 2 billion views!)

Other ways to entertain yourself on your commute

Memes — Not for those who are easily offended, but here’s a list of who you should follow on Instagram if you like a meme, or two (or 100, let’s face it, they are addictive).
Harvard Business Review — Be the office smarty pants by watching an HBR video on the way to work. People will be impressed by your new-found knowledge!
Podcasts/audiobooks — If watching a show on your commute sounds like too much commitment, why not try a podcast or audiobook instead.

What do you need?

A decent phone plan with speedy internet — alternatively, you can download shows at home (when you have wifi).

Headphones — make sure to have proper public transit etiquette by not blaring your show out too loud to bother fellow passengers. Also, lower volumes save your eardrums so you can hear when you get old. Click here for more tips on etiquette.

Travel pillow — if you’re like me and shows tend to put you to sleep, don’t forget your travel pillow for added viewer comfort on a bus or commuter train.

Get Off Alerts — whether you’re distracted by a cliffhanger or the show turns out to be a snoozefest, use Moovit Get Off Alerts to make sure that even if you’re distracted, you don’t miss your stop.

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