Commuter Kate’s Top Tips for the Business Traveler

Published: July 17, 2018

Traveling can be stressful whether it’s with the family for your summer vacation or traveling for business. At least for the former, there might be some rest and relaxation (and maybe a beach) at the end of it. But for business travelers, it’s more likely to be an important meeting you have to prepare for.

Here are my top tips for when you are traveling for business:

Tips for Before You Travel

  • Buy work clothes that don’t crease to limit the amount of ironing you need to do while away. Also, stay with one color scheme to mix and match outfits to reduce the number of articles you have to pack.
  • Keep a bag semi-packed with the essentials so you don’t have to pack everything each time.
  • Take carry-on luggage only so you don’t waste time waiting to check your bags and waiting at baggage claim. This way you’ll have more time to prepare for that presentation.
  • Invest in reusable miniature bottles (regulation size) to put your shampoo, creams and makeup in. Refill these when you get home so they’re ready for your next trip. Pack these in a clear bag for ease through airport security. By using refillable bottles, you’re also avoiding the waste of disposable plastics.
  • Sign up for airline and hotel loyalty programs to ensure you rack up points to use for upgrades or leisure travel later on. You deserve it.
  • Give yourself plenty of buffer time to get to your destination city, the airport, from your hotel to your meeting or anyplace else. By doing this you reduce stress if airport lines are long, ridesharing or taxi services are scarce, or flights are delayed or cancelled.
  • Get the airplane seat that you want by checking Seat Guru, a useful website that has deck plans of every flight on major carriers. Reserve your seat in advance and check-in ahead of time to make sure keep the seat you want!

Tips for Travel Day

  • Board the plane  as soon as you can so you get a space for your suitcase in the overhead bin. These fill up early.
  • As soon as you’re airborne, change your watch, phone and/or laptop to the time at your destination so you mentally get in that time zone. This can help reduce jet lag.
  • Use a travel meditation app like Headspace or Calm to help provide a stress-free journey.
  • Make the most of onboard WiFi to keep up with emails and prepare for your meeting so you don’t have to work on it last minute.
  • Hydrate! Flying dries you out so drink plenty of bottled water or juices during your flight. Alcohol also dehydrates you so it’s best to say no to that cocktail or glass of wine during the flight.

Tips for While You are There

  • Download Moovit, the world’s #1 public transit app, so you can get from the airport to your hotel or meeting with easy step-by-step guidance using public transit. You can use it in over 44 languages so even if you arrive in a different country, you don’t have to worry about signs in foreign languages. You can also compare ride-sharing services in many cities around the world direct from the app.
  • Stay with the same hotel chain so they know you and you know their systems and amenities. This way you also add to points in your loyalty plan (see above).
  • Get on your regular diet and exercise routine as soon as you can: take your morning run or workout in the evening; eat at regular hours. Tempting as it might be with your company or a client paying, avoid over-consuming food or alcohol.
  • Try to find a couple of hours for yourself to explore the city or enjoy the local cuisine. It can’t be all work, work, work!
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