Commuter Kate: Tricks for Riding Transit on Halloween

Published: October 27, 2018

Traveling on public transit doesn’t have to spook you out this Halloween. If you’re riding across town to trick or treat, ditch the uncomfortable broomstick and ride public transit instead.

Plan your trip  —  Planning ahead means you can get step-by-step directions to your destination via public transit. Confidence is everything when traveling to the unknown, so being able to see your route ahead of time means you don’t need to mess around reading schedules or maps at the station. Moovit, the world’s #1 transit app, gives you all this and more.

Share Your Trip  —  Plan your trip and share your itinerary with your partner or friends. This way, they know when to expect you so that you don’t scare them if there is a delay. Sharing your trip plan is easy, just follow the steps below.  

Share ETA Itinerary Moovit

Get Off Notifications  — This is no trick, but more of a treat. Moovit’s Get Off Alerts mean that you can let yourself get distracted eating your Halloween candy or checking out other people’s costumes without missing your stop. This ensures you don’t end up in a spooky part of town.

Real Time Arrivals  —  A deserted bus stop can give you the frights on a normal day, let alone on Halloween. Get Real Time arrivals so you can stay inside for as long as possible and not wait for a bus that’s turned into a phantom on Halloween.

Share these tricks with your loved ones so they have a less-haunting journey on public transit on Halloween too.

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