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Quickly Manage Your Transit Data

Create accurate, up-to-date GTFS data and keep your riders informed, always. Increase operational productivity with the most intuitive GTFS builder and dashboard that visualizes your entire network and allows you to make changes in minutes. Then share your transit data to Moovit and any other GTFS-friendly platform so that your riders always have the most updated information in the palm of their hands. 

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Publish high-quality transit data, effortlessly

Maximize operational productivity and ensure rider satisfaction

Easily build, create, and manage the most accurate and up-to-date representation of your local transit system using Moovit’s intuitive GTFS builder and editor, constantly sharing the most updated transit information on lines, routes, stops, and timetables with your riders. 

Transit Data Manager can handle the most complex of transit data workflows, enabling transit operators and agencies of all sizes to optimize the creation and management of your transit data. Move away from time-consuming, complicated spreadsheet maintenance, and gain full control over your data.

The solution allows public transit authorities and agencies of all sizes to: 

  • Access detailed information about the entire transit system through our robust web-based editor
  • Easily manage multiple GTFS feeds, making changes to routes, stops, and timetables in minutes
  • Share your updated transit data through the Moovit app and other GTFS-friendly platforms 
  • Work collaboratively in teams and quickly deploy thousands of changes to the data
  • Deploy both scheduled and temporary transit changes 

What can Transit Data Manager do for your agency?

The most intuitive GTFS builder and editor

The only platform to offer tools to deploy both scheduled and temporary changes to the transit system

  • Quickly manage, edit and validate your transit data
  • Deploy updates with the click of a button
  • Collaborate in teams and communicate effectively inside the platform
  • Reduce the likelihood of operator errors with a transparent user interface

Visibility gives you control

Import your own data or effortlessly build your GTFS data from the ground up

  • Visualize transit information of every transit type, from multiple agencies and operators
  • See detailed information about each transit line and station
  • Validate and correct errors in your existing GTFS and keep track of changes
  • Manage permission roles with user authority levels and easily track user changes

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Your data delivered to your riders, fast

  • Share your transit data via your Moovit white label app, the Moovit app, or any other GTFS-friendly platform

Your open channel with your riders

  • Create and manage service alerts to alert your riders in real-time about any service disruption
  • Push notifications about service changes will be sent to riders that have marked the line as a ‘favorite’

In Their Own Words

Working with the Moovit team has been a pleasure, as well as a great gain for citizens. Having access to public transit information has reduced the uncertainty of how to move around the city, improving urban quality of life across the nation.

Smart Cities Unit
Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications Chile Government

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