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Keeping Riders Connected with On-Demand Microtansit

Intelligent shared mobility planning and operations to fill your transit gaps, improve customer experience, and connect your riders to a bigger mobility ecosystem.

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The end-to-end mobility experience for your riders and dispatch

Enabling agencies to create a data-driven, flexible transit service that gets riders from A to B quickly and seamlessly.

With Moovit On-Demand, agencies are enabled to digitize their operations with dynamic route planning to transport people from, to, and around the city without neglecting citizens from suburban and underserved areas. All the while, agencies save time and fuel costs by only running the service when and where demand exists. Support your riders full trip with a multimodal trip planner and in-app payments, and enable your operators to adjust and optimize in real-time with a sophisticated algorithm built into an easy-to-use operations platform.
With your ridership and operational goals in mind, we work with you to create a unique on-demand solution to solve your network gaps, using rich, anonymized rider and transit data to further optimize services. Your riders benefit from smart transit experiences, and your operators can plan and manage their fleet with unmatched accuracy and cost-efficiency.

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The Moovit Difference

Data For Accurate Planning and Decision-Making

Match your transit gaps to your network goals with rich data that identifies underserved areas and helps determine optimal service areas and corridors, using data-driven service simulations to match supply with demand for success from day one.


Full Journey Planning and Payments from Day One

Riders enjoy real-time arrival and fare information, enabling them to compare and choose from all available multimodal services including fixed routes, micromobility, and of course your on-demand service – according to their time-cost tradeoff needs. With integrated payments, riders pay for all the various modes they take through the Moovit app for ultimate convenience.


Integrated Payment Systems

With payment integration partners including Cubic, Masabi, Token Transit, and others, riders enjoy contactless payments for a seamless ‘plan, ride, pay’ experience on multimodal transit, including your on-demand service.


Moovit On-Demand at a Glance

  • Reduce operator and driver workload and stress with dynamic, automated trip routing, on-demand dispatching, and real-time operations for utmost control and visibility
  • Offer a convenient, rider-centric approach with the ability to plan and pay for on-demand and multimodal mobility modes in a single app
  • Easily integrate with other apps and introduce new mobility solutions with interoperability with 3rd party apps

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On-Demand components:

Rider Application

Book a ride  –  The Moovit public transit native Android & iPhone application (also available as a white-label app) provides full support for the passenger’s on-demand transit flow in its entirety.

On-Demand components:

Dispatch / Operations Control Center

Manage your rides — A web-based dashboard allowing full control and visualization of the ride-sharing service and fleet.

On-Demand components:

Driver Application

Follow the route — A native Android app for interacting with the driver and providing him turn-by-turn navigation to his next destination, instructing him about passengers to pick up and/or drop off.

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