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Ride with Moovit, pay with Moovit

Part with your Rav-Kav, move on to Moovit Easily plan, pay and ride with the app

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Move on to pay with Moovit

Pay for rides with a tap
Moovit and Pango have collaborated, so you can part with your Rav Kav, and easily pay for your public transit rides in Israel, directly from the app.

All in one place
Plan a route, get updated in real-time, pay and ride – all in one app

You’ll be charged only at the end of the month, and only for rides you’ve actually taken.
Everything you need to know about the new pricing method
Discounted Rider Profiles

No more “I forgot my card” or “I haven’t topped-up”
Pay in the app and don’t worry about adding funds your card or ending up with no credit

Pay with Pango too
If you have Pango account, you can use it to pay in the app. You can also pay with any credit card.

How do you register?

Enter personal details
This is so you can connect to your paying account, get invoices for your rides, and set up your rider profile.

Choose a payment method
If you have a Pango account, you can pay with the credit card you entered there. Otherwise, simply pay using your credit card.

Choose a rider profile
The profile you choose is our – and the Ministry of Transportation’s – way to know if you’re eligible for discounts on public transit rides. If you choose a discount profile, you’ll have to upload documents for verification.

How do I pay?

Scan the code
After boarding the bus, validate your ride by scanning the QR code, located next to the driver and by the back doors.

Choose your ride distance
Once you’ve scanned the code, easily choose your ride distance, based on the stops you boarded and plan to get off at.

All set! The fide Confirmation can be found in several places throughout the app, to be presented whenever needed. Pay only at the end of the month for rides you’ve actually taken.

Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have

Would you like to know more?

All the questions and answers about Moovit and Pango’s revolution to public transit payments

How does the new pricing method work? Which profiles are eligible for discounts? How can you view and manage your account details? How do you check payment and invoice history?

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