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Creating a Rider-Centric Mobility Experience for Parisians and Tourists

The Challenge

With one of the largest public transport networks in the world, Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) oversees 9.4 million trips daily on 1,500 bus lines, 14 metro lines, and 22 tram and train lines throughout the region. Encompassing the greater Paris metropolitan and surrounding areas, the Ile-de-France region has a population of over 12 million citizens, with citizens and tourists taking a total of 3 billion trips on public transport each year.  

The app IDFM had developed and was offering users lacked real-time information as well as the ability to plan a full trip with multiple modes of transportation, both of which were important to their mission of promoting efficient, sustainable, and multimodal transport options. 

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The Solution

The white label app provided by Moovit is a state-of-the-art mobility solution for Ile-de-France residents and tourists, integrating the data of over 20 mobility offerings in a single app, native to both iOS and Android devices. With the app, users are able to compare all the available travel modes in real-time, buy tickets for several transport operators, and make the best choice for their needs – all in a single place. Riders can choose between all available modes of shared transport, including public transport, carpooling, ride-hailing, ride-sharing, as well as micromobility options: personal bikes, bike-share, and scooter-share. 

Additionally, IDFM employs Moovit’s Transit Data Manager to quickly add service updates and changes that are instantly made available to users through the app. This feature proved especially useful during the public transit strike near the end of 2019, as IDFM was able to manage and communicate the constant changes to passengers using the Short-Term Changes feature in Transit Data Manager. With daily and even hourly changes to the system, riders were constantly able to know exactly which services were running, and when. 

Taking real-time to the next level, the app offers a way to save time on the rider’s journey. With Moovit’s innovative and proprietary FlexTime solution, users are shown journeys and suggested travel times that will help users skip rush hour and make it to their destination in less time for a more efficient trip. 

Moovit’s Urban Mobility Analytics has provided IDFM with over 50 reports with detailed data on their passenger’s behaviors, preferences, travel patterns, and more, enabling the app developers to continue fine-tuning features and make data-driven decisions on the app’s roadmap, based on real rider insights. 

In the city of lights and surrounding areas, citizens and tourists can now enjoy one-stop access to Ile-de-France’s entire mobility spectrum, enabling a seamless and rider-centric experience for all. 

Reasons for Choosing Moovit:

  • Full MaaS app, including multimodal transport options, branded with IDFMs logo and colors and designed for Parisian’s unique transportation needs
  • Ability to leverage Big Data through Moovit Urban Mobility Analysis to better understand mobility patterns and more
  • Ability to constantly improve and optimize the app and user experience
  • Innovative FlexTime feature which saves users time on their commutes


Getting around Ile-de-France has never been simpler with the new app. Launched in just a matter of weeks, the new app has two million users, where the old app had just 4,000. Now, without any investment in marketing, several 10’s of thousands of passengers easily plan, pay, and ride with the app each day. 

Moovit is able to quickly integrate third-party and internal APIs and add new functions, strengthening the app and allowing users to enjoy next-generation features. IDFM can now manage and support a wider range of mobility options to expand access, improve the user experience, and increase ridership.

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About Île-de-France Mobilités

Île-de-France Mobilités is the Mobility Authority in Île-de-France, in charge of organizing and developing the public transport service and coordinating all policies related to mobility at the regional level.

At the heart of the Île-de-France transport network, we bring together all the players (travelers, elected officials, manufacturers, transporters, infrastructure managers, etc.) and invest and innovate to improve the service provided to travelers.

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