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On-Demand Webinar

Employing MaaS to Build a Better Post-COVID Transport Network

Juan Carbonell, Moovit’s Head of Solutions, APAC, outlined several ways cities and transit agencies can improve their rider experience in a post-COVID world. With a focus on the APAC region, Juan discussed the future of urban mobility trends and how Moovit solutions can solve each of the new challenges, from enabling social distancing through on-demand transport, to keeping riders up-to-date with real-time data, and allowing riders to easily pay through an app and reduce contact.

The webinar outlines Moovit’s solutions aimed at agency recovery:

  • Updating schedules and routes quickly and keeping riders informed of all changes in real-time with our Transit Data Manager
  • Offering real-time arrival information to riders through Moovit TimePro
  • Increasing capacity and vehicle frequency with On-Demand solutions
  • Making data-driven decisions for resilient, sustainable transit networks with Moovit Urban Mobility Analytics
Juan Carbonell Head of Solutions - APAC, Moovit
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Juan Carbonell Head of Solutions - APAC, Moovit