The New Normal: Getting Riders Back on Track Post-COVID, Part 2

Part Two: Improving In part one of this series, we discussed the Avoid-Shift-Improve approach to public transit during and after COVID-19, focusing on ‘Shift’ adjustments and service enhancemen…

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The New Normal: Getting Riders Back on Track Post-COVID

Part One: Shifting  The challenges posed by the coronavirus have created uncertainty in how public transportation can recover after historic ridership lows…

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In Their Own Words: Mooviter Community Volunteers on Their Great Work During COVID-19

Public transportation is experiencing a global crisis. With so many COVID-19-related restrictions on people’s movement, it’s only natural public transportation would be dealt a hard blow. But as an integral part of any society, public transportation is a lifeline for many essential workers to get to work and citize…

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How Moovit is Partnering with Transit Agencies to Overcome COVID-19 Challenges

Public transportation has come to a near standstill as the coronavirus takes hold around the world. Between constant new government restrictions and social distancing becoming the norm, ridership has been in free-fall for weeks now, at a decline of between 50% and 90% around the world. There is very little idea of …

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Coronavirus & Your Commute: How COVID-19 is Affecting Public Transportation Around the World

COVID-19, the coronavirus that has affected over 130 countries and counting, is the topic of the new year. Around the world, governments, businesses and citizens alike are dealing with the increasing risks posed by the virus, and reeling from the effects of the growing number of infections and fatalities. From stock markets crashing to schools and workplaces cl…

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