Data-Driven Planning and Analytics

Uncover your areas of opportunity using rich data collected from several sources.  Stop guessing and start relying on high-quality data to tackle any transit challenge.

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Analyze the effectiveness of your transportation infrastructure using historical ridership data


Simulate scenarios in potential service areas to identify the optimal framework for your operations


Verify the usability of your on-demand service and tweak parameters to create the best service before launch day

Pre-Implementation & Planning

During the planning phase, we uncover unmet transit needs and detect areas where replacing fixed routes or extending the network in transit deserts with on-demand services can both save money and offer better service to your riders. 

Leveraging Urban Mobility Analytics, capture strategic insights about your service area, and use our simulator to test our analytical assumptions to determine the best solution and service zones for your and your rider’s needs. 

Test your new service through simulations to determine the optimal service zones (corridors) that match supply with demand and determine your SLAs for:

  • Fleet size
  • Wait times
  • Riders per vehicle
  • Cost per ride
  • And more….

Levels of On-Demand Analysis

Our unique planning process includes 3 levels of analysis to design an on-demand microtransit solution that will exceed expectations from day one. By tracking demand and mobility patterns, Moovit On-Demand customers can significantly increase occupancy rates, improve rider satisfaction, and encourage public transit use over private cars. 

Gap Analysis

Get a full analysis of your network to discover unmet needs and identify gaps and areas of opportunity

Corridor Analysis

Break service zones down into smaller, dynamic corridors for improved SLAs and higher efficiency, with the ability to dynamically shift corridors based on demand


Right-size operations by optimizing service areas and corridors, running times, fleet size, rider limits, and more

In Their Own Words

Ventura has been searching for the right technology partners over the last three years and after investigating trials in other cities, we were comfortable with Moovit’s global reach and willingness to understand and cater for our passenger’s needs

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