End-to-End Mobility Experience

As part of Moovit’s app ecosystem, your on-demand service will be widely available within your designated zones. Riders can plan and pay for the full array of transit services for a seamless rider experience that goes above and beyond isolated on-demand solutions.

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Multimodal travel options to facilitate a seamless experience that can include in-app payments

From planning their full trip on public transit and other modes of transportation to paying for it all through a single app, your riders will enjoy the ability to get real-time arrival info not only for their on-demand ride but for their bus and train rides, as well. Integrated payments notably enhance their rider experience with the ability to pay for their whole journey in one app, even if they took multiple modes of transportation.

Powered by a sophisticated algorithm that uses real-time data to enable the highest service levels

Behind Moovit On-Demand is a sophisticated algorithm using real-time data from the field to enable the highest level of service with dynamic rides. Passenger booking is fully automated, allocating each ride to the closest available driver, allowing riders to be automatically added even to live rides if passenger limits aren’t violated. Remove the burden of manual rerouting, miscommunication with drivers, and low rider satisfaction rates.

Scalable and MaaS-ready when you are

A single platform enables you to streamline your operations, expand your services, and introduce new offerings. Partnering with Moovit offers an easy journey towards a full MaaS platform and allows you to tap into Moovit’s ~1 billion users by integrating your on-demand service into the Moovit app. Move towards a holistic MaaS experience for your riders, whenever you’re ready.

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In Their Own Words

SMART is taking a big step by modernizing the Dial-a-Ride service… to offer a quick, convenient, and more reliable way to ride. We are always looking for ways to improve service, meet the increasing demand for transit as well as address the challenges the pandemic has imposed. Partnering with Moovit and offering the On-Demand feature to riders allows us to address all of these issues with one application, while also developing new and innovative ways to deliver better services with our existing resources.

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