Providing Public Transit Data to Benefit Transit Riders Everywhere

Moovit exposes a set of APIs tuned to support efficient and easy integration with any customer and to provide the best experience for users. Offer your customers our industry-leading multimodal trip-planner, providing them with seamless A-to-B multimodal routing and real-time transit data that gets them where they want to go – on their terms. Designed for speed and scalability, Moovit’s Transit APIs have been selected to power top brands, including Microsoft, Uber, Lyft, and Cubic.

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Provide the most comprehensive transit data

A convenient and hyper-accurate way to integrate the best public transit options

We provide a solution to both reduce congestion in cities around the world and enable developers to build richer apps for consumers to get around their cities.

Our APIs have a thin nature in order to answer focused questions with very short response times.
We offer six types of volume-metered APIs:

  • Multimodal Trip Plan APIs
  • Nearby APIs
  • Stops APIs
  • Lines APIs
  • Real-time APIs
  • Service Alert APIs

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In Their Own Words

Moovit’s world-leading coverage will allow Azure to provide its customers with the most comprehensive and accurate transit data services.

General Manager, Azure Maps and Connected Vehicles

We’re thrilled to be working with Moovit to enable real-time data and route planning in the Uber app.

Director, Head of Transit

NYC’s data is more complex, and we appreciate Moovit’s help ramping up quickly and reliably in this important market.

Transit, Product

The integration of Moovit’s multimodal journey planning into Cubic’s industry-leading mobile ticketing and payment offering in the Traveler Application from our Mobile Suite will offer a one-of-a-kind platform with a seamless, highly differentiated user experience.

Chairman, President, and CEO
Cubic Corporation