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Earn Your Rider's Trust and Loyalty

Provide real-time transit data to city riders, with ease. Moovit TimePro enables agencies to offer arrival times with utmost accuracy, reducing customer complaints and building stronger relationships with your riders.

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The most accurate real-time vehicle location system

Increase operational efficiency and ridership with accurate real-time arrivals

Moovit TimePro is the most accurate cloud-based vehicle location (AVL) solution, with no customized or expensive hardware required. Works on any Android device.

The solution provides public transit agencies of all sizes with:

  • Real-time fleet management capabilities
  • Communication of real-time ETAs to end-users
  • Transit data reporting for fleet optimization
  • A scalable solution that allows future integration into additional systems

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Moovit TimePro at a Glance:

  • The most reliable real-time ETA and accurate vehicle location positioning available
  • Real-time data is automatically displayed in the Moovit app: We bring our users to you, with no need for your own transit app
  • User-friendly, easy-to-use, and customizable dashboard shows the real-time data you want to see
  • Powerful communication with drivers, including pre-scheduled, route-based, and geo-based messaging
  • Track on-time performance in real-time to optimize fleet management
  • Help your riders reduce frustrating wait times and enable them to get their information when and where they need it most
  • Real-time ETA is shared via the standard Open-Data protocols and displayed in transit apps, web, SMS, or digital signage

TimePro Components

Mobile app for drivers

A lightweight driver application that runs on any Android device.
The driver logs in and vehicle location is constantly transmitted to Moovit’s servers.

TimePro Components

Web-based dashboard for city/agency

A rich dashboard that runs on any web browser to help you track your buses accurately.

TimePro Components

Mobile and web-based app for passengers

Passengers enjoy real-time arrival information on Moovit’s mobile and web apps.

Successful Implementations Around the World

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