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A seamless journey to get anywhere in your city
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Plan Your Journey

Choose the Best Route
Plan your trip the way you want – Our multimodal trip planner shows all the mobility possibilities available and you choose the journey that best fits your needs

View Real-Time Arrival Info
Avoid wasting time waiting for the next bus or train – know your lines ETA ahead of time

Set Your Favorite Lines, Stations, and Places
Get easy access to lines, stations, and places you visit often

Get Real-Time Service Alerts
Be informed about issues like construction, delays, and other disruptions ahead of time with service alert updates

See Bike Routes & Docking Station Info
Bike to your location with our up-to-date bike route info, or use shared bike systems with our real-time docking station info

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Pay For Your Ride

Create Your Mobility Wallet Account

Create an account and choose your preferred way to pay for mobility options around you – Public Transit, Carpool and On-Demand services

Your purchased tickets, ride history, payment details and billing history are available here

Select and authorize your eligible profile discount from a variety of rider and pass types

Purchase Your Public Transport Tickets

Choose the fare you need from a variety of fare types available.
Buy as many tickets as you need and board with multiple people

Validate Your Digital Pass

Show the driver your digital pass or scan the barcode to activate

* Available in select cities

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Get Guidance on Your Way

Enjoy Live Navigation
Get step-by-step directions with live guidance from A-to-B

Visualize Your Stop with Way Finder
Use augmented reality to locate your bus or train stop

View Your Maps, Wherever You Are
View all stations, routes, and lines on the subway or bus map and download map PDFs for offline access

Never Miss Your Stop
Receive automatic notifications on when to get off the bus or train

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Powered by the Wisdom of the Crowd

For the Most Accurate Transit Info

Report on Line Changes
Let fellow commuters know about changes in advance

Report Wrong Data
Know when a stop has moved or see the wrong line schedule? Report it and keep others from getting lost

Add Your Own Station Photos
Give fellow riders confidence they’ve found the right stop by uploading your own photos in the app

Edit Station Information
Wrong station name? Wrong stop location? You can correct the info yourself to set the record straight for fellow commuters

Award-winning Mobility App
NPS Champion 2022
NPS Awards
Best of 2017
Build for Billions
Smart 50 Awards
Smart Cities Connect
Popular Choice Award
New York’s MTA

Commitment to Accessibility

Helping People with Disabilities Ride Transit with Confidence

visual impairment icon
Visual Impairments

Complete VoiceOver and TalkBack support

hand-motor impairment icon
Hand Motor Impairments

Optimized UI and design with larger buttons and hit targets

ambulatory impairment icon
Ambulatory Impairments

Multimodal trip planner shows wheelchair- and stroller-accessible routes

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Moovit in the News

Riding the buses of Los Angeles: A beginner’s guide
8 August 2019
Los Angeles Times

Download the Moovit app […] Type in your current location (or where you want to leave from) and where you want to go, and it will immediately show what the nearest bus or Metro line might be, and when the next train or bus is scheduled to arrive, predicting the latter with remarkable accuracy.

Moovit review - A must-have for commuters on public transit
10 July 2017

During my tests, Moovit accurately predicted the arrival of every train and bus I took within a two-minute range. And Moovit can easily tell you when to leave, if you would like to arrive at your destination before a certain time.

Adelaide Metro partners with Moovit to provide locals with easier commute
23 June 2020
Smart Cities World

By providing better, faster, and more accurate information, we are empowering public transport customers to make better decisions about their journeys, providing a better service