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Enabling Agencies with Fast, Cost-Effective Mobile Ticketing

Offer your passengers a single app for a seamless journey experience. Reduce ticketing costs due to expensive, outdated legacy or bespoke systems and opt for the modern approach with wide-ranging benefits for your agency and riders.

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Give your riders the freedom of choice to get around – cashless and connected

Revolutionize customer experience and eliminate fare collection costs with Moovit’s one-stop solution for transit planning and payments

Moovit’s Fare Payments solution enables cities and transit agencies to deliver a true Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform based on our white label app. By aggregating as many payment vendors as the agency requires and combining their features, Moovit provides the best fare payment experience. With Moovit Fare Payments, agencies can offer customers the easiest way to plan and pay for all their mobility needs using a single app. The out-of-the-box solution, already supported through key vendor partnerships, offers our industry-leading trip planner and supports a diverse range of payment options.

With multi-agency support, passengers can choose from all modes of public transportation available in the area. Deep integrations enable passengers to quickly set up their profiles and easily plan and pay for all transit services, making the experience that much simpler.

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