The Simplest and Most Intuitive Mobility Experience

Moovit’s branded applications — co-branded and white label — are based on our world-leading urban mobility app. Offer riders a true MaaS (Mobility as a Service) journey experience, complete with real-time arrivals and service alerts, multimodal mobility options, the ability to integrate mobile fare payments, and more. Save time and resources while giving your customers the highest level of service.

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Customize your app for your city’s urban mobility needs

White Label Application

One app for all your mobility needs — branded for your transit agency or city

Moovit’s white label application solution is based on our long-running robust native and web transit apps and is backed by Moovit’s server ecosystem, designed for endless scale and serving 100s of millions of users worldwide, with zero downtime. App name and look-and-feel changes are tailored to customer needs, based on templates.

White label app features:

  • Multimodal trip planning
  • Real-time arrivals
  • Customized micro-mobility integrations
  • Innovative payment integration options

This solution includes a white label Android, iPhone, and web app, which benefit from Moovit’s rich user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), as well as Moovit’s comprehensive transit data.

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Co-Branded Application

Combine your logo on the Moovit app and gain access to millions of highly engaged, existing Moovit users

With Moovit’s co-branded app, you receive access to millions of highly engaged users and tools to help you increase ridership and customer satisfaction.

The co-branded app solution is based on Moovit’s native application and is backed by Moovit’s server ecosystem, designed for endless scale and serving 100s of millions of users worldwide, with zero downtime.

The solution comes with an Android, iPhone and web app, which benefit from Moovit’s rich user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), as well as Moovit’s comprehensive transit data. Get insights about demand, user behavior, and service performance.

The co-branded app will be visible to any user that enters the metro area covered by the co-branded app version.

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Transit Data Manager

Effortlessly Manage Transit Data for Your Branded App

Reliable, high-quality transit data is more critical today than ever before. Moovit’s Branded Apps comes with our Transit Data Manager, enabling your agencies to quickly deploy thousands of changes to your transit data, making sure riders always have the most updated, accurate information in the palm of their hand.

The platform also offers powerful communication tools that enable you to create service alerts and effortlessly reach your riders with real-time notifications about changes or disruptions to the service.

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Accessibility in Mobility Apps

Moovit believes that mobility is a basic human right for everyone, and are proud that Moovit is fully accessible for all users and is considered the industry pioneer and leader when it comes to:

Visual Impairments – Complete VoiceOver and TalkBack support
Hand Motor Impairments – Optimized UI and design with larger buttons and hit targets
Ambulatory Impairments – Multimodal trip planner that indicates wheelchair- and stroller-accessible routes

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In Their Own Words

It has been great working with Moovit to bring real-time data and route planning in the JAUNT app

Sr. Vice President, Global Business Development and Marketing
First Transit

[Moovit] works with different municipalities all over the world to create this type of app. The difference with our app is that the BU Shuttle info is not available on other apps.

Folks don’t just ride the BUS everywhere. They walk, they bike, they take the T. People didn’t want to juggle between their chosen trip-planning app, such as Google Maps, and the BU Mobile App. The result is an app that works on iOS and Android and illustrates a range of transportation options, not just the BUS.

Assistant Director of Transportation Demand Management and Planning
Boston University

After an extended period of development, and with the support of our technology partners, Masabi and Moovit, we are pleased to bring this modern convenience to our riding public. As our society continues to manage the current public health emergency, SilverPass will not just offer a more convenient ticketing experience, it will offer our daily commuters an opportunity to transition their traditional ticketing process to be truly contactless during a period of concern over high-touch, high-traffic surfaces.

President and CEO
Academy Bus

Thanks to the push notifications available through the white label app, it’s never been easier to send service updates and alerts as they happen and gain valuable, instant feedback from our riders through surveys.

We now have a direct channel with our riders, which was especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing us to constantly keep riders informed of all the many changes that happened. We have been consistently impressed by the number of responses we received from our surveys, even during the lockdown.

Operations Coordinator

We tested many apps and Moovit was the full package. It’s not just an app for riding transit. It’s almost like a coaching tool. It gives people the confidence to take transit and open up their world.

Director, Resource Development & Marketing
Community Living Toronto

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