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Urban Mobility Analytics

Empowering the Smartest Decisions You'll Make

Moovit provides insights about where, when, and how people move around your city.

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Make data-driven decisions for everyday urban mobility challenges

We help you plan and understand mobility trends with greater accuracy.

Real data for real results

The world’s leading urban mobility analytics tool combines multiple data sources, including anonymized, aggregated data from hundreds of millions of Moovit users, with advanced algorithms to provide detailed insights into how people move around cities.

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Analytics Reports

Zone Report

Improve transit services to and from any region

Moovit provides a comprehensive and accurate understanding of travel patterns to and from a region, whether it’s a city neighborhood or a particular district, an office park or public building, or even specific venues like a shopping mall or stadium.

The Zone Report focuses on the following:

  • Where travelers to the region are coming from
  • When they start their journey
  • Which modes of transportation they use
  • Which transit lines and stations are the most popular
  • Detailed impact assessments of future transit network changes to the region

Analytics Reports

Transit Line Report

Improve operational efficiency and increase ridership

The Transit Line Report is a crucial resource for organizations seeking to improve service levels, operational efficiency, or looking to understand the impact of schedule or route changes on ridership.

The report provides you with an in-depth analysis of ridership on specific transit lines, including:

  • Average boarding and alighting at each stop, including specific times throughout the day
  • Typical load-factor and estimation of vehicle crowding
  • Identification of first/last-mile barriers to ridership
  • Additional descriptive statistics of line riders and their complete journeys

Analytics Reports

Transit Station Report

Improve and optimize station use

The Transit Station Report is critical for organizations performing a wide variety of planning functions, including improving first/last mile access to stations, aligning timetables to improve network connectivity, building access roads or pathways to a station, and assessing the impact of future transit changes on riders and local residents.

This report creates a detailed profile of transit travel via a specific location – either as a single stop or as a group of nearby stops functioning together as a transfer point.

The Transit Station Report includes:

  • Average boarding and alighting per line, location and time
  • Waiting times at the location
  • Breakdown of common line transfers
  • Origin/destination information for riders using the location

Improve transit services to and from a region

Transfer Hub Report

The Transfer Hub Report is combined with a Zone Report, and shows the critical nodes in the transit network for that zone. It displays the most common hubs of travel towards a zone. The report shows what percent of passengers going to the zone pass via each hub and which lines they transfer between at a certain hub.

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