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Moovit’s Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions make it simple for cities and transit agencies and operators, campuses, and corporations, to introduce MaaS to their citizens using a range of tools, including branded mobility apps, mobile payments, urban mobility analytics, and on-demand and pre-scheduled transit.

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MaaS Platform


Our modular MaaS platform leverages Moovit’s unique assets. The same assets that power our consumer app and APIs:

  • The most advanced multimodal trip planner
  • The world’s largest and most accurate repository of transit data
  • The largest people’s movement data repository, aggregated from hundreds of millions of Moovit app users

Moovit’s MaaS offering includes:

  • Branded Apps
  • Fare Payments
  • Urban Mobility Analytics
  • On-Demand Solutions
  • Real-Time Transit Information for Buses
  • Transit Data Manager
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decorative icon Transit Data Repository
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MaaS Platform

Multimodal Trip Planner

Our patented, multimodal trip planner provides users with the best way to get to any destination using all available mobility options: public transit, ride-hailing, micro-mobility, car-sharing and more. It offers integrated real-time arrival and service alerts, accessible routes, and more.

Our trip planner is connected to more than 360 micro-mobility providers in 270 metros, creating opportunities for offering passengers more flexibility in getting where they need to go.

MaaS Platform

Transit Data

Our transit data repository is the largest, most comprehensive, and most accurate transit database in the world. This is due to the unique model we’ve developed that combines official data sources, AI, machine learning, and a huge community of local editors and users.

The repository contains the transit data of over 7,000 transit agencies – all of their lines, stops, and schedules. This data set allows us to provide service in 3,400 cities, across 112 countries.

MaaS Platform

People's Movement Data

Since our inception in 2012, we have grown to become the largest and most popular urban mobility app in the world for iPhone, Android, and the Web. Our users’ activity is collected anonymously and added to a big data repository that represents the largest and most accurate people’s movement data in the world.

In Their Own Words

We tested many apps and Moovit was the full package. It’s not just an app for riding transit. It’s almost like a coaching tool. It gives people the confidence to take transit and open up their world.

Director, Resource Development & Marketing
Community Living Toronto

The introduction of a real-time mobile information system provided by Moovit represents another important step in the management and use of the public transport service for our citizens and customers.

Azienda Municipalizzata Auto Transporti, Palermo

We’re using Moovit TimePro because its fleet monitoring system is less cumbersome than other systems we’ve used in the past, both in terms of equipment required on board the bus, and in terms of the financial investment.

Busitalia Campania

TimePro is improving the public transport rider experience in Ciudad Real by enabling real-time capabilities for bus services in the city. Thanks to TimePro, riders know exactly when the bus will arrive and minimize their waiting time at the bus stops – particularly helpful during uncomfortable weather conditions. TimePro provides passengers an improved quality of service and the sense of control.

Mobility Services for the City of Ciudad Real, Spain

Successful Implementations Around the World

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Our Offering

Branded Apps

Using your branding, offer your citizens the simplest, and most intuitive, mobility experience

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Urban Mobility Analytics

Empowering the smartest decisions you'll make

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Fare Payments

A seamless user experience from planning to payment

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Identify the right On-Demand service for your city

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Real-Time for Buses

Earning your riders' trust and loyalty. Real-time. All the time

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Public Transit APIs

A convenient and hyper-accurate way to integrate the best public transit options

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Transit Data Manager

Easily manage transit data with the most intuitive GTFS editor and keep your riders updated, always

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