Rolling Digitized On-Demand Transport into New Growth Regions

CDC Victoria decided to introduce a microtransit on-demand solution in Tarneit North, a new growth area over traditional fixed bus routes. The goal was to provide frequent service with short wait times to encourage ridership.

Read Why CDC Victoria selected Moovit to plan and deploy an on demand transport service.

“The Moovit technology which underpins the FlexiRide service we provide has been fundamental to the success of the new venture. From the intuitive customer app to he underlying algorithms which drive the booking and allocation functions, it is a very effective platform which is very robust and reliable. Our ongoing communications with Moovit have highlighted many further development opportunities for the future. The service has become so successful we are already looking into opportunities to expand the delivery of the service with more buses and drivers on the road to keep up with demand!”

Doug Nyman
General Manager, Network Performance, CDC Victoria

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