Up to $1.5 Million Each, Available for California’s Clean Mobility Options Grant

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California’s Clean Mobility Options (CMO) grant is a statewide public program that empowers under-resourced communities across California to overcome mobility obstacles. CMO awards up to $1.5 million in vouchers that fund everything from community needs assessments to clean, shared, zero-emission transportation projects.

The Mobility Project Voucher helps communities to develop and launch zero-emission mobility projects, such as bike-sharing and ride-on-demand services, that fill a community’s transportation gaps and provides access to key destinations.

Moovit, the world’s largest urban mobility platform provider, would like to partner with and assist you to win the grant together.

We can share more about our unique approach to modernizing your existing service offerings and reaching underserved urban and rural areas.

Moovit can help to deliver your transit ambitions by:

  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS) – presenting transit and micromobility options in one simple journey plan, supported by an incentives management platform that rewards your users for using a clean mobility option
  • Microtransit – convenient close-to-home pickups from a public transit service, providing a real alternative to using a private car
  • Integrated Fare Payment Platform – making it easier to purchase a multimodal ticket for all forms of shared mobility, creating a seamless Plan.Pay.Ride experience

There is more to share on how we can help you win this grant and deliver on your mobility ambitions for 2023 and beyond. We’d love to help as you consider applying and can provide further insight into the application process. The application window will close on April 5th at 11:59 pm PT.

Mobility providers can be submitted with their partner up to 3 months after the close date. Let’s win a grant together!

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