Ho ho hold on to your Santa hats, it's going to be a crazy weekend!

Published: December 9, 2016

It’s that time of year when we dust off our Santa costumes, and get ready for the annual SantaCon weekender. Whether you’re planning to get merry and raise money for charity, want to cheer on other Santas, or even want to stay as far away as possible, Moovit’s got you covered.

We know Santa’s sleigh doesn’t have enough room for everyone, so we’ve added SantaCon to our list of helpful local directions so revelers can simply type “SantaCon” into the Directions tab on Moovit to get a safe (and speedy) route to local events on public transit. We’ve updated the app for locations where official event locations are currently available, and will be adding the last-minute secret locations as they are revealed. That means you can concentrate on the merriment, and leave getting there to us!

We’ve got the following cities covered:

Boston, MA — 10th December 2016

Chicago, IL — 10th December 2016

Hoboken, NJ — 17th December 2016

Los Angeles, CA — 10th December 2016

Montreal, QC — 17th December 2016

New York City, NY — 10th December 2016

Philadelphia, PA — 17th December 2016

San Francisco, CA — 10th December 2016

Washington, DC — 10th December 2016




If you’re reading this, and wondering what on earth we’re talking about, see below for some information on this unique Yuletide festivity.

What is SantaCon?

It’s a convention of people dressed up as the one and only Santa! Many do it for charity, but people also do it just for fun, as a way to kick off the holiday festivities. It’s traditionally free to attend, but some events may request a charitable donation.

SantaCon Tips

1. Dress up — the key is to have the full santa suit, but if you haven’t had time to grab a Mr or Mrs Claus costume, get into the spirit of the event by wearing festive colors like red! Buy your santa outfit in January on sale for next year!

2. Don’t take a car — many events are in busy areas of the city. Therefore, it’s advised to ride public transit to these events. We aren’t saying this just because we’re a transit app, it’s also because we want you to have more time to enjoy the festivities, instead of wasting time finding parking. If you’re also planning on having a mulled wine or two, public transit is also the safest way to get home.

3. Spread joy — this is a happy celebration of the year that’s just been, so pace yourself, and be kind to fellow Santas! If you hear of anyone who’s had a few too many that’s planning to drive, be sure to share Moovit with them so they can find a safe ride home by public transit or Uber.

Image credit: Anthony Quintana under license 2.0.
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