Ride a Bike using Moovit in May for National Bike Month

Published: May 8, 2018

In the U.S., May is National Bike Month, with many cities hosting a Bike to Work day.

With summer on its way, and the likelihood of getting caught in the rain reducing (check out Commuter Kate’s blog on how to survive the rain on public transit if it does), it’s a great time to pedal away.

So, dust off your old bike or check out the bike-share options on the Moovit app and enjoy some of the benefits of riding a bike this month. You might love it and continue on well into the summer.

Moovit has docked bike locations in over 100 cities around the world on its app. As with public transit, you can have step-by-step GPS guidance on your journey by bike, whether it’s your own or a rental. If it doesn’t make sense to ride your bike for your entire journey, you will be given a multimodal route. You just need to remember your helmet!

Moovit National Bike Month Bike-Share

If you need some convincing, you can find some benefits of riding a bike below:

Stay active/lose weightAccording to the Department of Health and Human Services, adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week. Cycling to and from work is a great way of fitting this in without having to dedicate extra time to work out.

Get fresh air  Instead of being underground or on a hot bus, you can get some fresh air by riding a bike.

Be environmentally conscious  We all know driving a car to and from work is not good for the environment. Public transit is a much better solution, but riding a bike is the best.

Skip the traffic  Leave car commuters in a cloud of dust while you pedal past them sitting in gridlock traffic.

Be more productive  Exercise is key to having more energy which means improved performance at work and being less lethargic when you get home!

Save money  Ditch the gym membership and hop on a bike, it’s much cheaper in that regard and also cheaper than other modes of transport like driving.

Be happier  All the reasons above!

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