Putting Colombia’s Transit Information on the Map and the App

Remember taking the bus back in the old days? You would arrive at the station and read the paper schedule to see when the next bus would be set to arrive, or check the transit agency’s website beforehand to plan your journey, or perhaps you asked others at the stop for information. Nowadays, while many agencies still operate like this, urban mobility apps are available in thousands of …

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How Crowded is Your Bus? Know in Real-Time and Help Others by Self-Reporting

In today’s world of social distancing, we can help each other feel more confident riding public transportation together. We recently announced new occupancy and accessibility imp…

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Avoiding the Crowd: Know Before You Go with the Moovit App’s Crowdedness Feature

Occupancy Data and Accessibility Improvements in the Moovit App These days, social distancing is an important part of keeping COVID-19 at bay. And for public transportation, there’s a lot of anxiety over whether riders can properly social distance themselves onboard or even in crowded stations.  It’s our missio…

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