How Crowded is Your Bus? Know in Real-Time and Help Others by Self-Reporting

Published: June 8, 2021

In today’s world of social distancing, we can help each other feel more confident riding public transportation together. We recently announced new occupancy and accessibility improvements in the Moovit app, and we continue to add new real-time occupancy data from our agency partners. 

Now, we’re excited to announce an additional feature that will help you and your fellow riders stay safe and make your rides on public transit an even more convenient, reliable experience. While not every agency has the necessary Automatic Passenger Counter technology needed for providing real-time crowdedness info from the bus, agencies do have something else: loyal riders, like you. 

Starting today, Moovit users can now easily see crowdsourced info in real-time about how crowded their next bus or station will be and can help other riders by letting them know with just a tap

Crowdedness reports are always based on the last 10 minutes of user reports, so you’ll know the crowding level before the bus pulls up or you arrive at your station. With that level of information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to more easily decide if you should wait for the next bus or train or take another mode of transportation and will help reduce the anxiety that comes with the unknown.

You can help keep the info as updated as possible by easily reporting how crowded your bus or station is in the app. With just a tap, you can confirm or update the current crowdedness status to share your knowledge and keep your fellow riders in the know. 

Public transportation has remained a lifeline for many throughout the pandemic, and we’re here to support our users and our agency partners as we all navigate the new normal and come out the other side stronger, together. 

Learn more about how the new crowdedness feature works here.

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