Highlights from Our First Virtual European Ambassadors Meetup

Published: June 21, 2021

Here at Moovit, we’re lucky to have a huge community of volunteers that help us map public transit networks in their own cities, in places that would be unmapped if not for them.

We call them our ‘Mooviters’, and the Mooviter Community has grown to a group of over 745,000 passionate transit-takers who keep Moovit updated in their cities. They help millions of people access better and more accurate transit data.

Over the years, Mooviters have come together in cities around the world to meet each other and solve specific transit challenges. These face-to-face events have helped keep Mooviters engaged, but the difficulties around COVID-19 kept us from getting together in 2020.

With the additional challenge of our Global Mooviters living, well, globally, and speaking different languages, we still wanted to connect and keep the Mooviter spirit alive and engaged – if only virtual. 

So on May 30th, we hosted our first virtual meetup for Mooviter Ambassadors in Europe – and it was a hit!

Mooviter Ambassador Virtual Meetup

In our meetup, 31 of our most active Mooviters from Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Poland, Georgia, and Bulgaria, came together with 10 of Moovit’s Community and Operations Managers spread around Europe and Israel to get to know each other better. 

During the meetup, each ambassador shared how they became part of the community and their experiences together, before moving on to play some transit trivia games including ‘Guess the City’. They also got a sneak peek at an upcoming Moovit app feature – the crowdsourced crowdedness addition we announced a few weeks ago. 

Transit Trivia Mooviter Ambassador Virtual Meetup


We are so grateful for our Mooviters continued dedication to improving public transit and urban mobility for all, especially in a year like this when public transit data is more dynamic than ever. 

Thank you to our European Ambassadors for joining us virtually and we hope to see all of our Mooviters in person soon!


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