Moovit City Experts: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Published: February 18, 2019
Photo: The Moovit City Experts Meet to Improve Local Public Transport in Rio de Janeiro

While it was winter for people in the northern hemisphere, in Rio de Janeiro, it was the peak of the summer when five of Moovit’s local community members we call Mooviters met up for a fun December day out with a specific mission: improve urban mobility in Rio as part of Moovit’s latest City Experts Program.

The Mooviters are Moovit’s local transit experts who help Moovit map and maintain the most accurate information for riding transit in more than 2,700 cities around the world.

The meetup took place at five of the most important bus terminals in Rio where the team of Mooviters reviewed and improved the location of platforms and stops where necessary, and added missing stops and updated bus schedules for bus lines that they acquired from the local operators.

During the meetup, the City Experts made the following changes:

– Improved the location of the stops and platforms in the Moovit app for Terminal Procópio Ferreira for 9 lines that connect the city center to the south and west areas of the city.

– Improved the locations of stops and the timetables for some of the lines at Terminal Américo Fontenelle which has 58 intercity lines managed by 17 different operators.

– Added missing stops and improved the location of stops at Terminal Padre Henrique Otte for the 14 lines connecting the city center to the south, west and north areas of the city.

– Improved stop and platform locations for the 48 lines passing through Terminal Garagem Menezes Cortes.

– Improved the location of the stops and platforms for Terminal da Rua Nilo Peçanha e Almirante Barroso’s 9 lines.

The team perfected the information on the Moovit app using the Moovit Editor Platform so their fellow transit riders can experience the smoothest possible experience on public transit in Rio. When their mission was successful, they celebrated with a meal at a local cafe and visited a few of Rio’s tourist spots.

Édipo Henrique, an Ambassador in the Mooviter Community who participated in the event, said:

“I feel proud to be able to collaborate on such a great project, even with these small actions. The result is always greater when working as a team. It’s an honor for me to participate in this experience to innovate urban mobility and improve the quality of life for millions of people, mostly those who I don’t even know.”

If you’re a Mooviter who wants to set up a City Experts meetup, click here, or if you’re interested in learning more about the Mooviter Community in general, click here.

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