Commuter Level Unlocked: Moovit arrives at its 100th country and appoints Uli Gal-Oz as VP Business Development

Published: February 19, 2020

Sometimes you have to take a step back to realize just how far you’ve come.

Moovit launched in 2012 from a home office with just one employee. The concept of the app was to provide real-time public transportation information to users around the world so that they could get from A to B efficiently and conveniently. After the app launched in Israel, it caught on like wildfire, and the demand for Moovit in other countries was off the charts! Over time, the app evolved to include urban mobility information and guidance about any mode of transport, including shared-cars, bikes, and scooters, to over 720 million users around the world in 45 languages.

Today, we are celebrating that Moovit has reached its 100th country milestone! The pace of growth of Moovit has accelerated exponentially, from the number of countries it offers service in, to the amount of people it helps get to their destination everyday. We are inching closer to our goal of serving one billion users by 2021 and are proud to offer our service in over 3,100 cities, across six continents, to date.

As our app coverage continues to expand globally, the company as a whole has grown drastically. In addition to a consumer app, Moovit also now offers a MaaS suite of solutions for cities, governments, transit operators, and private companies. Our partners have used our branded apps, Moovit Urban Mobility Analytics, Moovit TimePro for creating accurate real-time for buses, Moovit Transport On-Demand, and our rich set of MaaS APIs.

With our business growth, we are excited to welcome a new Vice President of Business Development to our team, Uli Gal-Oz. Joining our San Francisco office, Uli will oversee Moovit’s strategic initiatives with key partners as Moovit expands its business offerings in the US, and across the globe. He will manage and liaise with Moovit’s strategic customers and partners, including the likes of Uber, Microsoft, Cubic, TomTom, and others.

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uli gal oz headshot        So far, 2020 is off to a great start and we look forward to what’s in store!

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