Get the 4-1-1 on Version 4.11

Published: May 18, 2016

We’ve just launched Moovit 4.11 and with a number of improvements made throughout the app, we’ve made riding the subway or train even easier and more enjoyable with Moovit than ever before. Here’s what’s included in our newest release:


Better Subway & Train Experience

Planning a trip with trains or subways has never been easier with two new categories in your suggested routes: “Train Only” & “Subway Only.” Now, when you plan a trip between two stations, we’ll automatically show you the best subway- or train-only routes in addition to the usual suggested routes that include multiple modes of transit.


New Itinerary for Trains

The new Train Route screen gives you all the critical information about upcoming departures, detailed station information (including departing and arriving platforms), and crucial transfer information so you’ll know where to go before the train even pulls into the station.


Custom Station Screen for Train Stations

This new screen will list all departures, all stations for each train route, delay information, and the ability to filter trains by destination station.


Custom Station Screen for Subway Stations

We’ve also created a new screen just for subway stations by redesigning the Station view for Subways and grouping all lines together by direction & platform number, just the way you’re used to seeing them on the electronic signs posted around the station.


Station Entrance & Exit Information

Within the Itinerary screen, the Station screen will include all Exits & Entrances on the map. Moovit can guide you to exactly which Entrance or Exit you should take so you’ll no longer have to worry about the fastest entrance or exit to take for your trip. Additionally, we’ve integrated platform information and walk times between platforms for times when you’re going to, or transferring at a station with multiple platforms.


Service Alert Information Across the App

As always, you can find the full list of Service Alerts under the “More” menu, and with Version 4.11, you’ll also find Service Alerts integrated throughout the app. Whenever there is an alert for a specific line, we’ll show it to you anywhere that line appears in Moovit.


New Main Screens for iOS

All iOS users will now enjoy a newly redesigned Moovit experience, using three new tabs:

  • Directions tab: includes all you need in order to plan your route to your home, work or anywhere else. This tab includes favorite locations & recent trips you’ve made.
  • Lines tab: includes all the information you are looking for in regards to lines – nearby arrivals, service status & favorite lines.
  • Map tab: stations nearby and offline maps. You can check where you are on the map and find nearby stops and stations.
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