Introducing Moovit Version 5.35 for iOS | Or, the “Get to your Meeting On-time” Version

Published: June 12, 2019

We are always trying to create a smoother, more efficient mobility experience. And, with each new version we take into factors that will up our game within these realms as well as user requests, trends — and what we, as human beings, might want too. This version will help get you where you NEED to be — and, ensure that you’re going the right way.

Zooming in. A feature that we are particularly proud of is entitled, “Sync Up Your Calendar”. You can say that we are a strong proponent of a multitude of urban mobility options, with a strong emphasis on public transit. To get to meetings, we (yes, me) utilize — and trust — Moovit to help us get there.

If you take public transit to your meetings and/or many appointments this feature is for YOU; from now on, you can simply sync your calendar up with the Moovit app and get directions with a single tap.   

How do you Sync Up Your Calendar?

Tap on the Sync Calendar button that is located on the Direction screen. This will essentially grant access to your calendar. Then, you’re good to go! It’s really that easy.

Note: To protect your privacy, the information from your calendar events is not stored on Moovit’s servers. All information is stored locally on your smartphone. Yep. We thought about that, too.

Managing the Calendars

If your phone is connected to several calendars, you can choose which one you want to sync with Moovit. You may change these settings whenever you’d like, at any given time.

GIF of syncing calendar with Moovit for easy travels

Watch and learn! Through this quick process, your calendar events, meetings and appointments, which include addresses, will appear directly on your home screen, and you can easily navigate to each — with just one tap!

Is My Line Going the Right Way?

Now, that your calendars are synced and you’re heading out — there is a super important piece of information that you should know. We’ve all been there. We board our mode of transit, the engines roar…and, take-off. Then, a moment of panic; Is My Line Going the Right Way? Am I going the right way?!

That’s why we’ve added arrows to every route map, so now you can know where your line is heading, and even which side of the road you’re supposed to be on. No more heart-racing anxiety. Now, when you’re off to your big meeting or even just your manicure — you can rest assured that you’re going to be headed to your destination.

Where Can I See This?

Whenever you view a Line Details screen, either by choosing it from a Station screen or the Lines list, you can tap on the Map View icon (or swipe down) and see the route and direction marked on the map. Another option to see these directions, is if you’re planning a trip: just choose one of the Suggested Routes to view the Directions screen and the route on the map will include a direction arrow.

Gif of live directions in app

Good news! Now you can know where your line is heading, and even which side of the road you’re supposed to be on. No more heart-racing anxiety.


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