Moovit and Cubic Further Bridge the ‘Look, Book and Pay’ Process for Transit Riders

Published: July 1, 2020

Currently, the trip planning and payment process of public transportation is largely disjointed. 

Figuring out how much a journey will cost may sound easy, but to many, this can be a hassle and anxiety-inducing. The fare for the Tube in London, for example, changes depending on the hour of the day. And being at the front of a long line of impatient people while trying to assess what type of ticket is needed, can make one feel uneasy. Not to mention searching pockets for change, or swiping out debit and credit cards while trying not to miss the train.

That’s why we teamed up with Cubic Transportation Systems, the business division of Cubic Corporation, the leading ticketing, fare collection, and management solutions company for public transit systems around the world. We want to make the process of planning and paying for rides a whole lot more convenient, and we’ve already made progress.

In January, we announced the first part of our collaboration, which focused on the integration of MaaS APIs into Cubic’s Traveler App to allow riders to plan and pay for multi-modal journeys via one platform. In addition to service alerts, nearby transit lines, and real-time arrival information, the plan and pay process from one app allows for a seamless and frictionless user experience

Now, Moovit and Cubic are bringing that highly differentiated user experience even further – to five more of Cubic’s Mobility as a Service solutions for public transit agencies of any size. Together, we will give riders around the world the ability to ‘look, book, and pay’ for multi-modal journeys right from the palms of their hands. 

These solutions include Cubic’s:

  • Account-based Urban Mobility Back Office
  • Cloud-based ticketing solution TouchPass
  • Real-time passenger information system NextBus
  • Loyalty, incentive, and advertising platform Cubic Interactive
  • Cubic’s MaaS Marketplace

The platforms will also integrate real-time arrival information, digital engagement and incentives, and operator intelligence. Agencies will also receive the customer communication tools they need to communicate with their ridership via in-app messages and push notifications. 

You can read more about the partnership here

Moovit’s mission has always been to simplify urban mobility around the world, and a large part of that occurs before riders even step foot on the vehicle. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Cubic. Together, we will be able to do our part in growing ridership and reducing congestion around the world. 

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