London public transport disruptions are even easier to navigate with Moovit

Published: September 19, 2016

You may take the same route each day, and trust that your usual line will be working just fine. Though Sod’s law means that when you really need to get to that important meeting, interview, or the dinner reservation you’ve been waiting for a month for, your usual route won’t work.

Don’t let disruptions to public transport ruin your plans. In addition to Service Alerts for the London Underground and buses, Moovit now has this information readily available on the app for:

  • London Overground
  • DLR
  • Tramline
  • TfL Rail
  • All National Rail routes

The development couldn’t have come at a better time, with rail networks across the city experiencing issues.




How can I check Service Alerts for London’s public transport?

Checking Service Alerts is as easy as checking your emails or the weather in the morning. Tap on the “More” menu, and “Service Alerts” to see the latest local disruptions across all of London’s transit types.


If there are any planned problems in your city, you will see them here with the orange icon.


Tap each each alert to get more information about the disruption within Agency Alerts, or see the latest disruptions as per the transport agency’s Twitter Feed.


Moovit also highlights any disruptions within the Trip Planner. Look out for the orange pop up that says “Modified Service”.

At Moovit, we believe riding is better together. So if you have a friend that could benefit from a smoother journey on public transit, share this with them and let them buy you a coffee for the countless minutes you’ll save them throughout the year. Smooth travels!

Photo credit: Adrian Scottow. Photo license. No modifications made.

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