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Published: August 21, 2014

Introducing … Ride Mode!

Moovit is taking things one step further.

Now you can not only check exactly when your next bus or train will arrive – you can ride all the way with Moovit. Boarded a bus? Start Ride Mode – you’ll get your exact ETA updated throughout the ride & even get notified when you’re approaching your destination.

– Make sure to upgrade to the latest version 3.6 for your phone. To download or upgrade click here
– The screenshots below were taken on version 3.6 on an iPhone (Android & Windows Phone versions work the same way)

Here’s how it works:

1. Start Ride Mode – As soon as you board a bus, open that line’s schedule (or your search history) and tap on the “Go” button.

moovit - ride mode feature - start

2. Choose your destination station

moovit - ride mode feature - choose destination

3. Get ETA & Reminders – See your estimated time of arrival. The time will update according to traffic flow as you go, including how many stops are left until your arrival.

moovit - ride mode feature - main view

Not paying attention to the road? Moovit is! Moovit will remind you when you’re nearing and reach your stop, even if it’s running in the background.

moovit - ride mode feature - notification

4. Sharing your ETA – you can also share your destination information & ETA with friends (via Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp)

moovit - ride mode feature - show trip

There’s more…
This version has several additional features:
• Save your trip directions! View them later, or when you’re offline. Just tap the save icon when viewing specific directions & access them later from the Journey Planner screen (Android only for now. Coming soon to iPhone and WindowsPhone )
• Moovit now offers 3 more languages: British English, Spanish-LATAM, Portugese-Portugal (25 in total)
• Major upgrades for our UK users. Moovit now serves specific metro areas in the UK, for quicker & improved service.
• 23 new cities added (bringing our total to 400):
– Brazil (18 cities in total): Salvador, Palhoça
– New Zealand: Christchurch
– Canada (8 cities in total): Kingston & Halifax
– Italy (13 metros in total): Trento, Pisa, Firenze, Salerno, Venezia, Trieste
– Indonesia (new country): Jakarta
– Georgia (new country): Tbilisi
– Germany (2nd city): Ulm
– Portugal (new country): Porto, Coimbra
– Russia (2nd city): St. Petersburg
– South Africa (new country): Cape Town
– Spain (10 cities in total): Mallorca, Oviedo, Vitoria-Gasteriz, Asturias
– USA (57 metro areas): Nashville, TN; Santa Fe, NM; Salem, OR; Topeka, KS; Albuquerque, NM; Delaware

Before you get back to the app to plan your next trip…:
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* Plug in those headphones and listen to a good song.

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