New Feature on Moovit: Service Alert Notifications

Published: January 21, 2019

We know how important it is for our users to have a smooth journey on public transit and how frustrating it can be to encounter unforeseen disruptions on your usual commute to and from work.

Moovit already provides detailed service alerts for all routes, however now, it’s possible to personalize your service alerts. We’ve made it easier to sign up for service alert notifications for all your favorite lines.

What does this mean? Choose the line or lines you want to subscribe to, and you will get a notification if there’s any major or unusual service disruption to that route.

Moovit Service Alerts Notification

This will allow you to better plan your journey. You can even screenshot it and send it to someone who needs to know why you might be running late.

Moovit Service Alerts Notification

Riding public transit can sometimes leaving you feel like you are on someone else’s schedule, but knowledge is power, and at least if you have the information, you can manage your time better. Of course, Moovit will also provide you with the best alternative route given the current situation.

If you need to change a route, you can stop getting alerts for any specific line just as easily by turning off the button.

Here is a reminder of the alerts and their meanings:

Moovit Service Alerts Meaning

Red is a severe change (usually no service), yellow signifies a moderate or minor change, and green means service is normal.

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