Moovit Launches TimePro to Provide Accurate Real-Time Bus Arrivals and Increase Ridership

Published: January 29, 2019

Moovit has launched Moovit TimePro (watch it in action), the most accurate real-time vehicle location system. It’s the latest MaaS solution that enables transit agencies to ensure their passengers are happy while solving operational efficiency problems and keeping urban transit flowing.

In addition to transit agencies, passengers benefit from TimePro as they are able to better plan and have more insight into their journey while they are on the go. Using the free-to-download Moovit app or Moovit for Web, which includes the real-time bus arrival countdown powered by TimePro, passengers have greater peace of mind knowing precisely when their bus will arrive.

TimePro is a cloud-based solution that provides transit agencies a custom dashboard displaying the information for all running vehicles. This information is received through the TimePro bus driver app which constantly transmits the bus location to Moovit’s servers.

The transit agency dashboard is a comprehensive system that allows the operator to better manage their fleets. It runs on any web-browser, requires minimal set-up with fast deployment and does not require custom or expensive hardware on vehicles. The driver app is intuitive to use, requires minimal training, and runs on any smartphone or tablet that the driver carries on the bus.

TimePro arrival times are calculated using the vehicle location, adjusted with historical travel times and traffic patterns. Other prediction systems merely analyze the distance of the route, failing to account for fluctuating traffic conditions at different times of day and night.

“Accurate real-time arrivals are a top priority for public transit riders,” said Moovit Chief Growth and Marketing Officer Yovav Meydad. “We know this from serving hundreds of millions of passengers around the world with our free app, as well as from global studies of passenger attitudes and desires. We also know that many transit agencies lack modern and simple-to-use systems to deliver accurate real-time predictions to their passengers. In response, Moovit developed TimePro to fulfill the need for a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution that requires no hardware installation to provide their customers the most accurate arrival times. Real-time, all the time.”

Moovit TimePro has already been deployed by transit agencies in France, Spain, Italy and Indonesia.

“TimePro is improving the public transport rider experience in Ciudad Real by enabling real-time capabilities for bus services in the city,” said Santiago Sanchez, CEO of Mobility Services for the City of Ciudad Real, Spain. “Thanks to TimePro, riders know exactly when the bus will arrive and minimize their waiting time at the bus stops — particularly helpful during uncomfortable weather conditions. TimePro provides passengers an improved quality of service and the sense of control.”

“We’re using Moovit TimePro because its fleet monitoring system is less cumbersome than other systems we’ve used in the past, both in terms of equipment required on board the bus, and in terms of the financial investment,” said CEO of Bus Italia Campania Antonio Barbarino. “We expect an improvement in the quality of real-time information provided to users, as well as improvements with regards to effectiveness and efficiency.”

“Through Moovit’s dashboard we have a better way to monitor and manage our buses and operations,” said Financial and Logistics Manager Mulyono of Batik Solo Trans in Surakarta, Indonesia. “When a bus stalls, we can see its position by looking at the dashboard. When a bus goes off a route, we know where it is. Moovit helps improve communication between central operations and drivers. Overall, our information is so much more complete. Thank you Moovit!”

Moovit’s Meydad added: “Moovit TimePro is the best solution for transit agencies to minimize some of their riders’ biggest frustrations, including knowing precisely when the bus will arrive. TimePro helps transit agencies provide greater rider satisfaction, which leads to higher ridership and less traffic congestion in cities.”

To see how Moovit TimePro works in actions click here. For more information on Moovit’s MaaS Solutions, click here.

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