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How Have Transit Rider Habits Changed Post-Pandemic? Moovit’s 2022 Global Public Transport Report Paints a Fascinating Picture

It’s that time of the year — Moovit’s Global Public Transport Report is here to reveal insights about global transit trends about the way people moved around their cities in 2022.  This year, lockdowns came to an end, remote-only activities decreased, and people felt free to move around…

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3 Ways Data and Analytics Can Reshape Public Transportation Post-COVID

We’re in a time where data is more important than ever before. Medical testing and analytical data are quickly helping the medical community understand a unique virus, while, through contact-tracing, geolocation data is used to monitor those who have been exposed and where they’ve traveled to prevent its further spread. For the…

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Coronavirus & Your Commute: How COVID-19 is Affecting Public Transportation Around the World

COVID-19, the coronavirus that has affected over 130 countries and counting, is the topic of the new year. Around the world, governments, businesses and citizens alike are dealing with the increasing risks posed by the virus, and reeling from the effects of the growing number of infections and fatalities. From stock markets crashing to schools and workplaces cl…

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Moovit unveils its 2019 Global Public Transport Report – How does your city compare?

We have all heard that getting around Los Angeles is difficult, and that Londoners endure long commutes compared to other UK cities, but how does public transportation across the world really stack up? What about micro-mobility usage like bikes and scooters? Public transportation is the backbone of societal life in every city. It powers how residents commute to work, school, leisure, doctor’s appointments, and how tourists travel …

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Moovit at 2020 Cities Today Conference

Steve Swasey here. Moovit Global VP of Sales Frank Kopas and I had the pleasure of joining an esteemed group of city and state transit officials the past two days at the 2020 Cities Today Club, a global forum focused on the future of urban mobility. Delegates from Quito, Ecuador, Vancouver, British Columbia, Calgary and E…

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