Moovit and Ventura Partner Up with FlexiRide Demand-Responsive Transport Service for First-/Last-Mile Connections

A 1977 New York Times article, The Ride That Comes on Call, highlighted a new and helpful mobility service for residents in western Suffolk, New York: Dial-a-Ride. Acting Transportation Director John Sheridan announced that the service has “given them wheels. It’s given …

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Answering the Big Microtransit Questions, Part 2

In our last post, we discussed why on-demand is becoming a popular way for agencies to add service capacity, fill gaps in transportation networks, and offer riders a more convenient, seamless way to use public transit. Now, we’re diving into how Moovit On-Demand takes microtransit a step further using urban mobility data and our app to offer a full MaaS solution that supports on-demand…

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Answering the Big Microtransit Questions: How, Where, and Why On-Demand Works

Moovit’s Head of Solutions in Australia and New Zealand, Juan Carbonell, recently took part in a presentation and panel discussion at UITP’s virtual IT-TRANS event. Juan highlighted the ways in which the right

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