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Answering the Big Microtransit Questions: How, Where, and Why On-Demand Works

Moovit’s Head of Solutions in Australia and New Zealand, Juan Carbonell, recently took part in a presentation and panel discussion at UITP’s virtual IT-TRANS event. Juan highlighted the ways in which the right

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3 Ways Data and Analytics Can Reshape Public Transportation Post-COVID

We’re in a time where data is more important than ever before. Medical testing and analytical data are quickly helping the medical community understand a unique virus, while, through contact-tracing, geolocation data is used to monitor those who have been exposed and where they’ve traveled to prevent its further spread. For the…

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The New Normal: Getting Riders Back on Track Post-COVID, Part 2

Part Two: Improving In part one of this series, we discussed the Avoid-Shift-Improve approach to public transit during and after COVID-19, focusing on ‘Shift’ adjustments and service enhancemen…

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In Their Own Words: Mooviter Community Volunteers on Their Great Work During COVID-19

Public transportation is experiencing a global crisis. With so many COVID-19-related restrictions on people’s movement, it’s only natural public transportation would be dealt a hard blow. But as an integral part of any society, public transportation is a lifeline for many essential workers to get to work and citize…

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