Moovit unveils New York City’s top 10 busiest subway and bus stations

As New York’s severe COVID cases hit a four month high, knowing the most frequented public transport stops and stations can help travellers avoid the crowds

New York City – October 2021

Moovit, an Intel company, a leading Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions provider and creator of the #1 urban mobility app, is unveiling the top 10 frequented subway and bus stations across New York City as more people return to their pre-COVID routine. 

Despite the rise in severe COVID cases, many people have begun heading back to school or the office. Moovit owns and operates the largest repository of transit and urban mobility data and is tapping into its anonymous data to reveal the most frequented bus and subway stops by Moovit users in New York City. Locals and tourists alike can make more informed decisions about which stations usually have larger crowds, and, well, avoid them.

The data, based on Moovit’s app usage and filtered for transport type, was taken from April- August, 2021 and lists the stations according to how often travelers are departing or arriving to these points. 

Top 10 Busiest Subway Stations

  1. Times Sq – 42nd St
  2. 34th St – Penn Station 
  3. 14th St – Union Square
  4. 42nd St – Port Authority Bus Terminal
  5. W. 4th St – Washington Square
  6. Grand Central Station – 42nd St
  7. Atlantic Ave – Barclays Center
  8. Broadway Junction
  9. 34th St – Herald Square
  10. 14th St


Top 10 Busiest Bus Stations

  1. Port Authority Bus Terminal
  2. Gw Bridge Bus Terminal
  3. Archer Ave
  4. Main St / Roosevelt Ave
  5. Main St / 39th Ave
  6. West 42nd St / 8th Ave
  7. Bruckner Blvd / Wilkinson Ave
  8. 39th Ave / Main St.
  9. Church St / Fulton St
  10. Sutphin BIvd / Archer Ave

The data reveals a couple of interesting points: 

  • Surprisingly, Grand Central Station doesn’t make the top 5 subway stations
  • Eight out of the ten busiest subway stations listed are located in Manhattan, and the remaining two in Brooklyn
  • Five out of ten busiest bus stations are located in Queens, one in the Bronx, and the four remaining top bus stations are located in Manhattan

“As ridership returns to New York City’s public transportation network, we can use Moovit’s comprehensive data repository to gain insight into mobility patterns as people travel about the City,” said Yovav Meydad, Moovit’s Chief Growth and Marketing Officer. “During the pandemic, MTA scaled back subway service and some lines, yet the subway still reigns as the most convenient way of getting to main transport hubs in Manhattan such as Grand Central or attractions like Times Square. Riding New York City’s buses, on the other hand, is more convenient and prevalent in Queens, with fifty percent of the top 10 busiest bus stations located in the borough. Coupled with the fact that severe COVID cases in New York hit a four month high, riders can use this information to their advantage by getting off at a different nearby stop close to their destination to avoid masses of people.”

Moovit amasses up to six billion anonymous data points a day to add to the world’s largest repository of transit and urban mobility data.

Additional Company Information

About Moovit

Moovit (, an Intel company, is a leading Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions provider and the creator of the #1 urban mobility app. Moovit was acquired by Intel in 2020 to join forces with Mobileye and advance its MaaS strategy. Together, Moovit and Mobileye will accelerate the global adoption of autonomous transportation.

Moovit’s iOS, Android, and Web apps guide people in getting around town effectively and conveniently, using any mode of transport. Introduced in 2012 it now serves over 1 billion users in more than 3,400 cities across 112 countries.

Moovit amasses up to six billion anonymous data points a day to add to the world’s largest repository of transit and urban mobility data. For governments, cities, transit agencies, and private companies, Moovit offers AI-powered MaaS solutions covering planning, operations, and optimization with proven value in reducing congestion, growing ridership, and increasing efficiency and asset utilization. Industry leaders such as Microsoft, Uber, and Cubic have partnered with Moovit to power their mobility offerings.

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