Enabling Easy Use of Public Transportation in Chile

The Challenge

MTT Chile, the country’s transportation and telecommunications ministry, wanted to encourage the use of public transport among citizens and tourists during the 2015 Copa América football tournament.

The tournament took place in seven different cities across Chile. MTT Chile’s goal was to inform both citizens and visitors about how to get to the various stadiums, hotels, and tourist attractions. MTT Chile understood that they were missing an easy-to-use public transportation app for users and a supporting management system for public transit operators. MTT Chile also wanted to be able to easily communicate with users on service status and updates during the tournament. 

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The Solution

MTT Chile selected Moovit’s Transit Data Manager to facilitate changes to transit services and promote the Moovit app to citizens and tourists. Using the Moovit Transit Data Manager, MTT Chile was able to manage the various cities’ transit systems data and send out service alerts to users through push notifications delivered to the Moovit app. To implement the solution, MTT Chile simply mapped the data from each cities’ public transit systems, including transit agencies’ lines information – routes, stops, and schedules.

The Moovit mobile and web apps were then updated with accurate journey planning results and real-time information, and service changes were pushed through notifications, enabling both visitors and citizens to quickly and efficiently plan their trips to various destinations through the app. 

Working with the Moovit team has been a pleasure, as well as a great gain for citizens. Having access to public transit information has reduced the uncertainty of how to move around the city, improving urban quality of life across the nation.

Smart Cities Unit
Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications Chile Government

Reasons for Choosing Moovit’s Transit Data Manager:

  • Intuitive, ease of use
  • Scalability of the solution
  • Ability to get feedback from riders regarding mapping errors and changes in the routing system


The partnership between MTT Chile and Moovit has been a major win for both MTT Chile and Chilean citizens and tourists. Since the initial project, the ministry has mapped several more cities. The app is now available to use across all 16 regions of Chile and MTT Chile has included new modes of transportation for users to choose from, including ferries and cableway. 

“The project with Moovit was so successful that after the initial implementation, we expanded it across Chile. Since 2019, citizens around the country can plan their trips using the app, and service is being extended to new modes of transport,” said Constanza Pacheco Gutiérrez, MTT Chile

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About the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT)

MTT Chile is the nation’s Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications and is in charge of directing, supervising, coordinating, and promoting laws on transport and telecommunications. MTT Chile works to improve the quality of life in Chile, people’s mobility, and to help bridge the digital divide.

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