5 Tips And Tricks To Avoid The Olympics Mania In Rio

Published: August 23, 2016

Have you found yourself on your summer holiday in Rio during the Olympics, or do you live in Rio and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Games and enjoy your city again without all the tourists?

While we can’t promise complete alone time, after all, this is a time of celebration for the city, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to avoid as much of the Olympics mania as possible!

Moovit has the most accurate public transit data, direct from the City Hall of Rio. Plan your trip now to get some peace and quiet in some of the places we recommend.

1. Avoid the busiest stations in Rio

Public transit is the only way to get to and from the Olympic venues, but it can also help you get away from the crowd. Moovit provides the best 3 routes by transit, accounting for the Olympic disruptions. The busiest station to avoid during the Games is BRT Olympic Terminal.

2. Explore nature

Take a leisurely bike ride along the waterfront. Praia do Leme is one of the quieter beaches in the area. Moovit has Rio Bike on the app, so it’s easy to rent a bike wherever you are in the city.

3. Dine al fresco

Grab an acai bowl and sit outside with it rather than wait for one of the restaurants to have space for you for breakfast.

4. Get up early

If you do want to take that photo with Christ the Redeemer or get an amazing view of the city at Sugarloaf, it’s best to beat the other tourists by being there 30 minutes before opening time. Remember, the early bird catches the worm. Alternatively, visit at the end of the day, when people are likely to be watching the Games. Opening hours:

Christ the Redeemer — 8am-7pm (remember to take cash, otherwise you will be waiting at the ATM with all the other tourists)

Sugarloaf — 8am-7:50pm

5. Book in advance

Rio Art Walks is something you can do without feeling like you are stuck in a busy museum. Saying that, if you buy tickets in advance for the theatre or the Museum of Tomorrow, there should be a limited number of people allowed in at that time anyway, so the number of people there should be more manageable.

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