Moovit and Beep Launch Ride-Hailing for Autonomous Shuttles in Florida

Published: May 13, 2022

At Moovit, we’re on a mission to simplify urban mobility around the world. We help people everywhere get to their destination in the smoothest way possible by combining all mobility options in one app. We also collaborate with governments, cities, transit agencies/operators and private companies to optimize their mobility solutions. 

Lake Nona is a smart and connected community in Orlando, Florida that is achieving innovative mobility initiatives with the right partners. Within Lake Nona, Beep, a provider of autonomous mobility services, runs the largest and longest autonomous vehicle network at one location in the US. It connects residential, commercial, retail, recreational and medical services in Lake Nona.

Autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly prevalent in the mobility sphere. Managing autonomous vehicle deployments and incorporating these services into Moovit’s MaaS platform helps bring Moovit ever closer to its vision of true Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

That’s why we’re excited to share that autonomous shuttle ride-hailing is now here for Orlando residents!

We’ve teamed up with Beep to offer Lake Nona locals the ability to hail Beep AV services on-demand, including shorter wait times, and greater insight into the AV journey. 

Why is this important? 

Beep’s autonomous shuttle network in Lake Nona has carried more than 50,000 passengers since 2019, however, until now, people would walk up to a station and wait for a vehicle, not knowing where it was along its journey or how long it would take to arrive. 

Through our partnership, Lake Nona residents are the first in the US to experience using the Moovit app to hail Beep rides on-demand. 

Moovit users will also enjoy:

  • Step-by-step guidance to Beep stations
  • Shortened waiting times
  • See where the vehicle is along its route and estimated time to drop off
  • Receive service alerts, and more

For riders using the Moovit app, this may look like a regular integration but this is a much larger collaboration than our usual mobility service provider integrations. Moovit is providing the entire AV service management suite for Beep via Moovit’s On-Demand solution (our routing and fleet management software). It’s the tech that calculates the dynamic route of the vehicles, vehicle location, the technology used at the dispatch center (service monitoring and management) and more.

We look forward to our work with Beep. The combination of the Moovit app and fleet management, coupled with Beep’s AV fleet is a powerful one!

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