Houston, we don't have a problem — Moovit's tips for the Super Bowl

Published: February 3, 2017

Here comes Super Sunday, with the New England Patriots taking on the Atlanta Falcons in Houston, Texas. 

As with any mega event like the Super Bowl, traveling within a city is disrupted for the locals and getting to and from the stadium is chaotic for visitors.

As tens of thousands of fans descend on Houston for the weekend, we wanted to share tips for how Moovit will help you navigate the Super Bowl LI host city using public transit, so you can enjoy the game instead of worrying about getting there.

I don’t live in Houston, can I still use Moovit there?

Absolutely! Moovit works in over 1,200 cities in more than 70 countries, and Houston is certainly one of the metro areas covered. Simply open your Moovit app and tap the location at the top of the Directions tab if you want to check your route in advance. Otherwise, Moovit will notify you when you arrive in Houston to update your city with one tap.




How can I make sure I’m going the right way?

Moovit Live Directions is a feature that gives you step-by-step GPS-style directions, helping you get to your destination with peace of mind. Get Off Alerts even let you know when your stop is coming up so you can study the scorecard, chant your favorite rally cry or revel with fellow fans rather than worrying about where you are. Just plan your trip and tap the green “Get off alerts” button.


What’s the weather going to be like in Houston?

Rain is forecast on Sunday morning, but it may subside by game time. Check the latest forecast at Good news is that you can choose the “least walking route” on Moovit in the Trip Plan options so there’s less chance of any rain ruining your day. You can also find the current local weather at the top of the Directions tab.




Other Super Bowl LI details

Location: NRG Stadium

Date: Sunday, Feb. 5 2017

Kick Off : 6:30 p.m. ET

Plan your trip to NRG Stadium: Moovit Web App

If you’re watching the Super Bowl from the comfort of your living room (watch it here: Game HQ page), but if you know any Patriots or Falcons fans who may need help getting around in Houston, please share this with them. They will owe you one for sure!

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