The Mooviter Community Turns 4 and reaches 300,000 members

Published: April 21, 2018

This month, the Mooviter program reached the impressive milestone of 300,000 members in only four years.

The Mooviter program consists of passionate local editors who help map and maintain local transit information in cities that would otherwise be unserved. Mooviters account for 65 percent of the hundreds of cities Moovit opens, making Moovit the “Wikipedia of Transit.”

This network of super users also help Moovit to amass over one billion anonymous data points a day, adding to the world’s largest repository of transit data. With this data and our own analytics, Moovit developed its Smart Transit Suite that we’re now licensing transit systems, cities, municipalities and others to improve their systems.

While celebrating the 300,000 Mooviter milestone, we looked back over the last year and reminisced about many wonderful Mooviter events we’ve held around the world. Although we had Mooviter Mapathons and Meet-Ups in several continents, the most memorable was the Mooviter Ambassador Meet-up in Brazil In August 2017, 18 of Ambassadors from 15 cities (São Bernardo do Campo, Porto Velho, Guarapuava, Porto Alegre, Uberlândia, Campo Grande, João Pessoa, Fortaleza, Belém, Recife, Campinas, Teresina, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro)  met in Rio, and after a successful Moovit Mapathon, the group ascended the Corcovado Mountain where they celebrated their city launches and other achievements under the famous Christ the Redeemer statue that stands tall over the city.

Every time Moovit launches a new city in the world with the assistance of the Mooviter Community we sound the Moovit Gong. The Brazil Ambassador Meet-up was by far the most special Gong-hitting event to date!

You can find photos below, and if you’re interested in joining the Mooviter Community in your city, click here for more information.

Wanderson-and-Fe Mooviter Meet-Up

Wanderson and Fe


Jonathan and Fe at the Mooviter Meet-Up

Jonathan and Fe

Rafael-And-Marcio Mooviter Meet up

Rafael and Marcio

Vitor and Marcio at the Mooviter Meet-Up

Vitor and Marcio

Cristiano-and-Leonardo at the Mooviter Meet up

Cristiano and Leonardo

Marcillio and Marcio at the Mooviter Meet-Up

Marcillio and Marcio

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