A Technical Case Study: Moovit Deploys Spotinst MLB to Ensure Performance & Sustainability

Published: July 10, 2018

Moovit users expect and require a fast and streamlined experience when using the world-leading urban mobility app. To accomplish maximum speed, efficiency and minimize lags or down time, Moovit manages many hundreds of application servers around the world. For assistance, Moovit deploys Spotinst, the world’s leading Compute Management Platform. The collaboration has enabled Moovit to seamlessly maintain greater speed and performance of its app.

Now for the tech part: Moovit required a sophisticated Load Balancer that can handle the high number of requests it receives through the app. A Load Balancer exposes one logical endpoint hiding behind it, a set of physical servers. This allows them to serve an infinite number of users, offering a consistently stable experience, in a way that is both time and cost efficient. Moovit found all of these qualities in Spotinst’s Multai Load Balancer (MLB).

Moovit Chief Architect Anan Kenig said, “By using Spotinst MLB we’ve managed to get the performance we needed with minimal management and maintenance from our side.”

This means that Moovit can spend more time working on the backend of the app to improve its features for users.

Spotinst wrote a technical case study to showcase the success of its collaboration with Moovit, which you can read here.

[Post by Kate and Steve, July 9, 2018]

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