Tips from a local expert: explore Athens, Greece on public transit

Published: October 17, 2016

At Moovit, we’ve worked hard to create an Ambassador program around the world, full of local experts who help us deliver the best information to you for your public transit needs. Spyros, one of our Moovit Ambassadors in Athens, has even shared his wisdom about his city — the stuff you wouldn’t find in a normal travel guide. It’s pretty apt for a city that’s named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom!

The most interesting neighborhoods

The neighborhoods of Exarcheia and Kolonaki are some of the most genuine and urban parts of Athens. Known as the home of the Greek anarchists, this area certainly has a lot of character. Here, all generations, old and young enjoy a variety of shops, cafes, art galleries and drinking establishments. It’s also the best place to start your ascent up Lycabettus (see below) and Strefi.

The best place to eat in Athens

The “Little Kook” is the stuff of fairytales. Literally! This is the cafe in Athens to go to if you want to uncover the most delicious cake in the magical surroundings of fairytale-inspired decor. It has an excellent atmosphere, and is just steps from Station Monastiraki.

The best cultural thing to do in Athens

Plaka, the historic district at the foot of the Acropolis is known as the “Neighborhood of the Gods.” It’s the perfect place to wander around, and you might be lucky enough to even see an archaeological dig!

The best spot to watch the sunset

Lycabettus is the best place to enjoy the sunset in Athens! It’s a great hike with breathtaking views. If you prefer an easier route, there is also a funicular/cable car that takes you up there.

Tips for traveling on public transport in Athens

The metro and tram are my favorite modes of transport. They tend to be less busy than the buses and go through many beautiful areas of the city.

The best transit line for sightseeing

You can definitely expect a pleasant and relaxing trip with 060 Line. It goes through areas with beautiful greenery, but also passes by the Archaeological Museum, the Academy, Exarchia and ends at Lycabettus!

The best thing about mapping Athens on Moovit

I love the idea that I’m helping others, so they aren’t anxious about getting lost or being late to their appointment. It’s also a great way for me to get to know my city better and if I find myself somewhere I don’t know, I can always trust Moovit to get me home.

If you’re interested in mapping your city and make a difference to your community, visit our Community page to learn more.

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