Moovit City Experts: New Mooviter Community Initiative Takes Place in Bucharest

Published: October 15, 2018

A new community initiative and the next frontier of Moovit’s community programs saw Mooviters, both veterans and newcomers, hit the streets of Bucharest to improve the local public transit information in the Romanian capital city.

The Mooviter Community is a group of over 450,000 passionate local editors who help map and maintain local transit information in cities that would otherwise be unserved. Mooviters account for 65 percent of the hundreds of cities Moovit opens every year and make Moovit the “Wikipedia of Transit.”

Six volunteers, led by the local Ambassador (top-level Mooviter) Bogdan and a new dedicated leader in the community, Liviu, who joined the Mooviter Community after attending local meetups, split into two teams to collect hyper-localized data. This data included exact coordinates of every metro station entrance and exit along the most used metro — M1 which includes a total of 31km, 20 stops, each with between 2-10 entrances/exits.

The teams also uploaded high-quality station photos including accessible access information. These changes were made in real time in the app, allowing Moovit users to know exactly which metro station entrances they should be looking for.

Moovit City Expert Program 1

These contributors spent four hours riding the Metro, collecting the public transit information and then celebrated with a well-deserved group lunch.

This new initiative shows the passion Mooviters have for helping their fellow commuters and improving urban mobility in their local community. It’s exciting to see them share that passion with others who are equally driven by the Mooviter Community mission.

Moovit will continue to be the best and most accurate #1 public transit data provider, in large part to the incredible support of these individuals around the world who help Moovit reach our goal of improving urban mobility for all!

Want to get involved with an existing event or lead your own? Let us know.

Post by Gabriella Adirim – Global Community Program Manager at Moovit. 


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