Moovit and Rock The Vote Simplify Getting to the Polls to Vote

Published: October 22, 2018

Together, Moovit and Rock The Vote are helping to facilitate voter turnout in the U.S. 2018 Midterms by making it as easy as possible for eligible voters to find out where to vote and get there via local mass transit. Rock The Vote, a non-profit organization focused on building the long-term political power of young people across the U.S. and Moovit, the world’s largest urban mobility data and analytics company and the #1 transit app, will encourage users to plan their journey to their dedicated polling place and provide easy-to-navigate trip plans to get there.

Following a successful partnership during the 2016 U.S. Elections, Moovit and Rock the Vote are again working together to help eligible voters make their voice heard during the midterm elections by making it easier to find out where to vote and how to get there via public transit. All across the country, Moovit users will receive a pop-up reminder to vote in their app, and they can plan the best multi-modal route to their local polling place, whether it is by public transit, such as local buses and trains, or bike-sharing and ride-share services, providing a seamless experience for their journey.

In New York City and Los Angeles, voters will even find their poll locations on the Moovit Stations tab — an easy way to see nearby stations on a map and see arrival times for the lines. Users can quickly see how far they are from a station and when they have to leave to catch the next ride.

Moovit Rock the Vote Midterms Stations view

Moovit Rock the Vote Midtemrs Popup

“We believe every American should exercise their right to vote,” said Steve Swasey, Moovit Global VP Head of Communications. “By partnering with Rock the Vote, Moovit is further empowering people with the best tools to help them get to their designated polling station via public transit.”

“The innovative work Moovit is doing through their continued partnership with Rock The Vote plays a pivotal role in ensuring that their millions of users who are young voters have the important information they need to not only register to vote, but get to the polls in the upcoming consequential midterm elections,” said Rock the Vote Director of Civic Technology and Policy Jen Tolentino. “One key public transit destination that voters should not miss this year is the voting booth — and with polling place information now built into the Moovit app, it should be on the front of their minds to turnout and vote.”

Moovit is available for free on iOS, Android and the Web. Learn more about the midterms and how to vote here.

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