Just launched: Version 3.7 with train schedule improvements and exclusive Favorites widget for iOS 8

Published: October 23, 2014

We’ve just released a new version (upgrade here) with improved train schedules and a new way to save directions for later. As a bonus for our iOS 8 users, we’ve added a new widget which will allow you to check your favorite lines directly from your notification center.

Step-by-step guide (iOS 8 Favorites widget)

1. Upgrade to Moovit 3.7 for iPhone (upgrade here)
2. Make sure you’ve already starred your favorite lines in Moovit (if not, just open the app, click on your favorite station, and tap the star icon next to your favorite lines!)
3. Open your notification center and switch to the “Today” tab.
4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Edit”, then drag Moovit to the top area of the screen and click “Done”.

Ta-da! Your favorites will now appear inside your “Today” tab.

To choose which lines to display, just press “Settings” and select up to three of your favorites (just make sure you starred them already inside the app!).
And now some goodies for our iOS, Android and Windows Phone users:

1. Improved Train Schedules

We’ve redesigned train schedule searches to display results between any two stations, including trips with a transfer. (If your search has more than one transfer, we recommend using the trip planner).

Moovit 3_7 rail schedule

2. Save directions for later

To save your step-by-step directions, first plan a trip, and then tap the new “Save” icon. You can access them later from the “Trip Planner” main screen.

3. Manage your service alert subscriptions

To manage all of your alert subscriptions, open the “Service Alerts” view and tap the new “Settings” icon.


Enjoy the ride!

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